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Spring Release

Let Go & Step into Freedom, Creativity and Possibility

The invitation for this retreat is to embrace the unknown in ourselves.

To step out of what is gripping us and keeping us stuck in life, into opportunity and spaciousness.


As we transition out of the energy of Winter and into the new beginning of Spring, this is the time to transition from going inward, into the energy of new life within you.

What is included

 28th March 2021 from 16:00-20:30.

  • 2.5 hours online workshop

  • Individual journal points to be completed prior 

  • We begin with Meditation

  • Sharing circle 

  • 1 hour, 5 Rhythms Dance experience

  • 30 minute Breathwork

  • 30 minute individual coaching call with Ash or Georgia the following week

Who are we & why is this important to us?


If this is your first time in this space, WELCOME!

To find out more about me, read on here.

This retreat is so important for me, and I believe, for you too. Especially right now. We have been through a LONG winter. This pandemic has pierced the veil of what we thought the world and our lives looked like. It has challenged everything we thought was true and has called into question so much of who we think we are.

This retreat is the space to shake it all off, to feel and release all the emotion that has been surfaced in you, and to invite you to begin again. Living from a different place, one that is more free, where you experience more opportunity and can step into living your truth.

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Stuck, Stagnant, Angry, Frustrated?

Sums up Lockdown for me.  I really saw the habit of myself  replay again and again, on a tight loop.  I felt all these things before, but the difference was I couldn’t distract myself.

Without my training as a transformational coach, I might have tried to ‘get rid of' these feelings. This time I wondered less how I could stifle the anger and indignation rising in me and instead listen to it, feel the sensations of it, sit with it, in all its sticky rage and powerlessness. From this place of acceptance and surrender a softening occurred.  I became unknown to myself as the heat drained away and a cool spaciousness took its place. 

The gift of this retreat is to explore and integrate the parts of yourselves that perhaps surfaced in lockdown and you didn't like, wanted to solve, cure or perhaps silence.  To become intimate and responsible for all that has been for you over the last few months, so that you may release and clear space for something new to emerge as you re-enter the wilderness of post lockdown life.   

Our Promise To You

You will feel, release and expand beyond the familiar.


We can't wait to see you there.