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Love, Power, Truth

It's Great To Finally Meet You

Hi, I'm Ash.


I am a BodyMind Coach. 

The connection between the body and mind is where healing begins. When you find your way home to being one whole Human Being, you no longer feel separate or alone, always feeling like what you want in your life is somehow beyond where you are right now. 


This is what the space I offer holds. A deep connection in BodyMind, a place to really begin to see who you are and have always been and to dissolve old ways of being, which you are ready to outgrow.

Working with me, is like a meeting with life.

I'm so grateful that you found this space on your journey and if you are ready, I'd love to speak to you 1 to 1.


Get in touch anytime.

Love Ash x


How We Can Connect 

Free 1-1 Possibility Call 

1-to-1 BodyMind Coaching

& Breathwork

Speaker & Teacher 

My Purpose is for you to embody freedom & life 

"I started working with Ash a few months ago. I had been struggling with a few issues in my life I couldn't get past, I wasn't really aware of the root of them or how to tackle them. It took me a little while to open up to getting to the bottom of them, but Ash is such a wonderful coach that she helped me through and encouraged me to show up for myself. In doing so I feel enlightened and am able to find joy again in my life. She has given me useful and practical tools as well as offering me a safe space each week. I feel confident that I can move through life's obstacles now with a calm and compassionate manner thanks to Ash. I would recommend her over and over again and I am so glad that I found her. To anyone contemplating starting on this journey, I would say you won't regret it".


"I wasn't really sure what to expect from our sessions as I hadn't worked with a coach before. I hoped it might bring some clarity on my next career move, but what I came away with was something so much more. 

Ash created a positive and nurturing space where I was able to unlock some deep rooted fears that had been holding me back. I was able to explore ways to ground myself and truly reconnect- which I will always be grateful for ".



"In my phone I have Ash down as Ash Transformer.

Transform implies major change, and I feel this has happened to me over the course of my sessions. I had no idea I would gain so much from this coaching relationship.

When I began my sessions I didn't know what I wanted to say. I just knew something HAD to change, but I couldn't work out what. I felt so lost. The course our conversations took- they didn't seem to me to be constructed, yet they led to such resolution. Gradually I began to see where and why and how I lost my way. I felt so safe and trusted Ash so completely, I was able to speak of things it was hard to hear my own voice say, but hearing them seemed to relieve and heal me. From those gentle conversations I have emerged stronger, lighter and more empowered ".



A Few Tools To Get You Started

4 Meditations to let go of what is stopping you from being free
My tips on staying grounded
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