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BodyMind & Breath

  'Your body is your first home' - Rebecca Dennis



So many of our thoughts are spent everyday thinking about how wrong our bodies are. How many rolls or wrinkles we have, how small or large our waistlines are or how many grey hairs we have.


How often do you sit and really connect with it? 


In my experience of myself and working with hundreds of human beings, is that we don't. We view our bodies and our breath as something outside of ourselves, separate. 


You are whole. 


You are completely connected. Every experience that you encounter in your life is held in the cells of your body, the mind then creates a story or context around this experience and the breath tells the story. 

To work on only the mind, in isolation, is unsustainable.


Actions would change, yes, but where I work with you, is in the space of the BodyMind and breath so that the context from where you have been living from, heals. 

You find freedom in your whole body and the narrative that has been living you, and see life from a different space. 

The invitation here is true freedom, not just changing the things you do, but where you are living from.

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