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Let's Work Together

Working with me as your coach is the first step to committing to the life you really want to live.


I will hold a space for you to begin to dissolve and let go of the attachment to the narrative that keeps living your life. The same stories, beliefs and patterns that keep living you, over and over again. The space of being that keeps you stuck and surviving life instead of feeling alive. 

I have dedicated my life to healing myself and now others. I am a certified Coach through the EMCC, a BodyMind Maturation Coach through the Nicky Clinch Academy and Certified Rebirthing Breathworker.


With these as a foundation I work with you mind, body and breath, to become a powerful self-healer through dissolving core beliefs and programming that are not serving you any longer and shifting what is blocking you to coming home to who you truly are.


Love, Power, Truth & Life

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