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Who Are You?

This is the very question the space that I hold and that we would co-create is centred around. 

Every Human Being, including yourself, enters into life always already thinking they know who they are. The way of being that comes with being 'X' in the world. The same thoughts, habits, beliefs and breath playing out day after day after day. 

This is comforting. This is safe. This way of being often feels like home, until it doesn't.


Until the anxiety, sadness, depression, unhappiness, pushing, numbing, whatever overwhelming experience that has brought you here, stops working for you.


Until the day comes when you wake up and something un- nameable calls you and you just know in your heart or mind or body that you want more.


Yes, you want more from life. You notice that the same patterns keep living you and the hardest part is the one that keeps living them, is you. 

That is the moment the process starts, the moment where you finally have a choice on how you get to live and how alive you get to feel. 

This is what I offer you, a space of aliveness and freedom that is filled with power, truth and love. Where you can ask the question, 'Who am I, if I am not who I thought I am?'.

I work with anyone who is ready to commit to living. 

If you are ready to find out who you truly are, then I am here.

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