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 Awaken Your Heart and Live Life From Love and Truth

WholeHearted is meant for you if you are truly ready to let go of the story that is stopping you from living from a place of worth, love, truth and authentic power. This is for you if you are ready to reclaim your life and freedom to be YOU.

Stop living half in, half out. Start living WholeHearted.

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Authentic Power

Harness your authentic power that has always been within.

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Self-Love Rooted in Self- Worth

Embracing and celebrating the Divine Worth that is YOU

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Live In YOUR Truth

Speak, know and trust  your truth from your heart 

Our Work Together

WholeHearted is a Transformational Healing Programme. Throughout the Programme Ash will support you to uncover the behaviours, beliefs and stories that are stopping you from living your most true and authentic life. The life that completely supports you, that flows and allows you to flow with it, that is abundant and always a source of love. 

This life is already and has always been within you, within your heart. The work here is to remind you of this, support you to break free from what is untrue and begin to embody YOUR divine truth.

Through the three pillars of Maturation Coaching (what does that mean?), Breathwork and Bodywork, we will focus on the different dimensions of your life where you may have become disempowered. Through weekly live coaching sessions with Ash, the support of a sisterhood, meditations, Breathwork, weekly Bodywork and home practice and reflection, together we will re-establish a solid and sustainable foundation for you to live and grow your life from. A new sense of freedom.


My Promise To you

On completion of this Programme my promise to you is: You will feel more grounded, rooted and empowered in your DIVINE WORTH, AUTHENTIC POWER and UNIQUE TRUTH, and more alive and awakened in your heart than you have ever before. From this place, you will move forward in your life aligned to your awakened and abundant self.

Week By Week

The Investment

Your Power. Your Worth. Your Truth. Your Life

That's what you are investing in. You are investing in your future. 

And the reward?

Your HEART and your FREEDOM

You are saying a BIG YES to living WholeHearted!

Next Programme starts the 14th of October, 2021.

Whats included?


WholeHearted Group Programme 

6 Live Group Coaching Calls with Ash (via Zoom)

2x Group Breathwork Sessions

Home Practice

Weekly online resources and learning,

Meditations, Recipes, Affirmations and Grounding Resources,

Community Support for Life


Intimate Programme

(4 spaces max)

6 Live Coaching Calls with Ash in a small group with 121 support

Extra 5 live coaching sessions with Ash (Zoom) to focus in on individual needs

2x121 Breathwork Sessions

1 Follow up group call 2 weeks post completion

Support and access to Ash throughout the programme

Home Practice Designed Specifically For Your Needs

Weekly online resources and learning with lifetime access,

Meditations, Recipes,

Affirmations and Grounding Resources,

Community Support for Life

So Let Me Ask You.....Are You a WholeHearted YES?!!!!!!


I am so honoured to be on this journey with you. If you have ANY questions or want to talk through some options for you then please get in touch with me here

Love always,

Ash xx

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