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FREE 5 Day Reset

The space between your thoughts

What's in store?

Using a unique and very personal 5 step process to give you the tools to access the space between your thoughts and the freedom of spaciousness within YOU!

Giving you the power to let go of overwhelm, tension, noise and never ending fatigue, using 5 easy steps and Breathwork techniques.

Tropical Leaves

What Clients Say About Working With Me.

Tropical Leaves
Marble Surface

Masterclass #1


When the mind takes over, overwhelm floods in and emotions run high.

A way to ground yourself in truth.


Breathwork technique

Marble Surface

Masterclass #2


Giving yourself the space to respond to life differently, from a different place.

Breathwork Technique

Marble Surface

Masterclass #3


Surrendering to the experience to gain back your power.

Breathwork Technique

Marble Surface

Masterclass #4

Listen Deeply

Listening deeply to what is needed.

Breathwork Technique

Marble Surface

Masterclass #5


Connecting to life from a meaningful place.

Breathwork Technique


"I feel confident that I can move through life's obstacles now with a calm and compassionate manner thanks to Ash. I would recommend her over and over again and I am so glad that I found her. To anyone contemplating starting on this journey, I would say you won't regret it".


"Ash created a positive and nurturing space where I was able to unlock some deep rooted fears that had been holding me back. I was able to explore ways to ground myself and truly reconnect- which I will always be grateful for ".


"I felt so safe and trusted Ash so completely. I was able to speak of things it was hard to hear my own voice say, but hearing them seemed to relieve and heal me. From those gentle conversations I have emerged stronger, lighter and more empowered ".

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