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Is Feeling Powerless the Same as Being Powerless?

'You don't have a life, you ARE life.'- Mooji

I feel like the same sentiment applies to the topic of power, you don't have power, you ARE power.

What is Powerlessness?

For me powerlessness is a feeling. It's a place in our lives we live from. It informs everything we do and informs who we are. It dictates how we feel about ourselves, the relationships we sign up to and the way we perceive the society we live in. This is a place I know and knew well. It's the place that I was programmed to believe I live from, it's a place I decided I lived from, from a very young age, it's a place I believed us a species live from. It is one of isolation, compassion, competition, mistrust (of myself and others) and it's a place of fear, sadness and voicelessness.

Does this feel familiar to you? Does it arise feelings in you? A new way of feeling the words 'you give your power away', because this is what those words mean.

Most of all it feels heart breaking. The first moment I really let myself feel powerless, really feel it without running from it, without planning a way out, without pretending it wasn't there, was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. The moment I really had to feel what it was like to not Me.

It's a place I choose not to live from any more. Will you join me?

So, what is power?

What is Power?

In words inspired by Charles Eisenstein, most of us believe that power is how much force we can exert on a person or on the world. How much force we have is determined by how worthy we feel we are.

However you define your worth; money, beauty, family, your home, work, your body, how much you give, how much you take, your mind. All these categories of worth originate from a deep place of self-rejection. Rejection of who you really are. So we long and we seek to claim our power back by chasing these milestones that we think will fill that hole, that hole of powerlessness, self- rejection and judgement.

The truth is, real power comes from complete and absolute love. Love for who you are.

Acceptance and compassion of your perfectly, imperfect imperfection. If we see power from this place then power becomes a place we participate in life FROM. It is you. The simple moment of clarity and peace that shows you, there is nowhere to get to.

Claiming back your power

This is the part where I am meant to give you 5 ways to take back your power, and yes I will get to that part, but before I do I want to share that there is no power to claim back. YOU NEVER LOST IT. All these stories and articles that claim you should take it back are selling you and actually reinforcing the part in you that feels as though you are powerless, because the honest truth, is it's right there inside you. The way to claim it back is to see that YOU have it!

You are not a victim of your life, you are life. You are not a victim of someone taking your power, you are power. So raise up, speak it, claim it. It's you.

5 Ways to find your way home

No matter what I say below, I had to share all of the above first, to show you what is true first. However before I could really feel ALL of this I also had to do things that helped me find my way home.

So here they are, my practices to bring you back to your truth.

  • Breathe- Your breath is sacred power within you. Allow yourself to build a relationship with it, it will show you parts of yourself you lost along the way.

  • Love Yourself-Continue and invest in practices that remind you and allow you self-love. This is where your power will grow

  • Move Your Body-Your body is a beautiful reminder of yore power everyday, it is you. Allow it to guide you.

  • Use your Voice-You are safe to say what you want and how you feel. It's time

If you connect with this and want a space to explore and come home to the power that is you, join me in my Programme, Wholehearted. Where you will feel more power than you ever have before.

Love and Light,

Ash x

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