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We See and So, We Do

When you look around you what do you see? A chair, a toy, a person, you?

Let me invite you to look again, let's really test what you see and challenge, is it truth?

Seeing Through The Eyes of A Child

I sat down a few weeks ago to draw with and have some creative time with my son. It's started off all ok, and then as I was showing him how to colour in I noticed he was not listening to ANYTHING I said. I mean nothing.

Not the colours I was suggesting to him that 'fit' into a rainbow, not how to hold the crayon, the direction he could colour in, to stay between the lines, the list is ENDLESS. I started to feel quite frustrated and at some point I wanted to say to him 'can you just listen to Mama and colour in the lines.'

It was that moment when I was just about to say this and probably suck all the joy out of our time together, that I realised that I didn't come into this activity with the intention to be creative, I came into it with the intention for him to do it the way I was taught to. With the intention to teach him how to 'make a pretty picture'. To teach him how to colour between the lines and fit in with what is 'seen' as a 'good and talented' way of being, of doing. It occurred to me that if I really wanted to spend some time being 'creative' then there would be no limits for his mind, his heart, him.

There Is No Rainbow

In the picture that I was colouring, in my mind, there was already a rainbow. I could see the colours, the clouds and the sun. This idea I had and what I THOUGHT I saw was based on what I have seen in the past. It was based on my experience and what my brain had recognised as a rainbow. All that is really there are some lines, on paper, and not even lines, just thousands of tiny dots that make up a line, and even smaller than that, small particles, that make up the ink, that make up the dots, that make up the lines. Even in the sky, what we know as a rainbow is actually just tiny water droplets in which the light enters and a wavelength creates what we see as a colour.

Have I killed the magic?

Well, the opposite is true, in trying to get my son to colour between the lines, I robbed myself of the magic. When he shared his picture with em he had drawn a moon, a digger, a star and ME. If I hadn't have taken a step back I wouldn't have been able to see it, to have an intimate moment with him to feel the joy this brought us both. Can you see it in the picture above? All the magic he drew?

Everything in our life is a reflection of what WE SEE. It feels very real and in our minds makes so much sense, but when we begin to really look at it, observe it, break it apart, we begin to see that it is not true.

Your Mind Just Wants To Keep You Safe

Our Minds reference everything in our lives back to a past experience. 'Yes, I have seen this before, I recognise it, it's a rainbow! Good, you are safe'. Thats what it is saying to us all the time. In every situation it's referencing some past experience and how you reacted or learnt how to react to keep you safe. Even our emotions that feel so real to us, but really we are responding to something that is not a true reflection of what is happening. Like when someone doesn't respond to my text, I immediately feel like I have done something wrong and then fly into total overcompensation to prove that they still like me.......not a true representation of what is going on. I am responding like I did when I was at school, and I didn't know how else to.

This is robbing me, you, all of us of our true way of being. Constantly sending us into stress and overcompensation instead of settling into love and compassion.

How Do We See Differently?

  • Ask yourself when you feel an emotion bubbling up, what does this remind me of?

  • Journal on different ways in which you can see a situation that you are in? How many different perspectives can you come from?

  • Be with the emotion and not make it mean anything. Just be with it and let it pass through you

  • Bring awareness to any story you tell yourself on an ongoing basis that is robbing you of shining your light

  • Love all of these parts of you, show compassion. This is a part of you, begin to let it flow.

Let yourself grow and bloom outside of the boxes we have put ourselves in. Allow your heart to lead the way. There is more than what you see if you allow yourself too.

Join my Wholehearted Healing Programme where you are given the space to really see what is stopping you from living your life from freedom and love.

Love and Light Always,


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