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Wholehearted Living, or is it Loving?

If I asked you to point to where home is, most of you would lay your hand on your heart. So when did we become so separate from it, so far away from its wisdom, knowledge and love?

When did we lose ourselves?

You are more than one part.

One of my teachers once said to me 'the longest journey I will ever take is one from my head to my heart,' she was right, and equally the most powerful and life changing.

So why do we feel so separate from it? So split from what feels true and authentic? When did we become separate from who we truly are? At what point did we put ourselves and others in so many little boxes with so much judgement, unworthiness, right and wrong?

So much rejection.

The split.

At some point in our lives we encountered a moment of deep rejection. In some way we felt shame for who we are, for expressing ourselves, for being ourselves, for being different or just for being. This caused a split, a moment where you decide something about yourself (eg. I am not loveable) and that is the moment your mind (ego) split from your heart. The pain of that moment and what you made it mean about you, was too much for you to process and so you locked it away, somewhere safe, where you didn't have to look at it anymore and you have been running from it ever since. Until right now.

I know what you may be thinking....this isn't me! Nothing ever bad has happened to me. Let me share with how it may feel to live in this separateness, this place away from who you really are.

We feel like we are not living a life aligned to what we really want to be and are meant to be doing in this world, you don't feel like you can be you, like you are wearing a mask. There is a hunger and urgency to be seen, to be loved, to be accepted and to belong. To fill a whole we feel so deeply we lose hope, we stop dreaming, we try to fill it with doing, giving, buying and pleasing. We feel powerless in society, in life, in our relationships. We live in fear, shame, pain and anxiety. All stemming from a deep wound of self-rejection. The rejection of all that you are and more than that, all you have always been. The shadow and the light.

Can you feel it? If you really do allow yourself too, it's painful. It's sadness, rage, anger, shame, fear, unhappiness. It is a hunger deep within to be loved.

How do we find our way back? Uncover your heart, touch it again. Don't feel you have to choose a part of yourself, head or heart....but have both...have it all.

Wholehearted Living

And this is it, in its beautiful simplicity. To begin to live from love. Healing the wound of rejection, to delve deeply into the shadow and the light, to look at yourself, all of you, the WHOLE you and say, 'Yes, I am enough, I am powerful. What I say and what I want does matter'.

That I am whole, now and always.

Join me on this healing journey- Join me in WHOLEHEARTED- the Healing Programme. Combining mind, heart, body and breath to find your way back to power, worth, truth and most of all your HEART.

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